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Monarch Brush Rest TM

Now in two sizes!

Good News; the smaller brushrests are back in stock!


Introducing the Monarch Brush Rest. It’s a low tech simple design made to tackle an annoying problem for most artists.  I got tired of trying to hold 5 or more brushes in my hand or setting my brushes down on the edge of a table where they would roll together, or worse fall to the floor.  It has gone through many changes since then and this current design seems to work best for most people.


I've had a some requests for a smaller rest so I've made a few that hold only six brushes rather than the original 9.  It's 3" shorter and may work better for you if space is limited. Very limited supply. 


Gregory West




_ Hand crafted from solid oak

_ Polyuthane finish for easy cleaning

_ With reasonable care, will last a lifetime

_ Now in two sizes;  original..holds up to 9 brushes

                                    small..holds up to 6 brushes

_ More info?





4"W x 9½"L x 1"H (original size)

4"W x 6½"L x 1"H (small size)


All specifications are subject to change without notice

Monarch Brush Rest TM


Brush Rest (original size)         $32.00

3 available

Brush Rest (small size)            $25.00

5 available

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